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JGMC-2 Wheel road surface friction coefficient automatic test equipment (lateral force)

JGMC-2 Wheel road surface friction coefficient automatic test equipment (lateral force)

JGMC-2 Wheel road surface friction coefficient automatic test equipment (lateral force)

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: zealchon
Certification: iso
Model Number: JGMC-2

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: $10000
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: Within 7days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets
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Detailed Product Description
Power: Electronic Usage: Friction Coefficient Automatic Test



For measuring the lateral force coefficient pavement, airport pavement or cement concrete pavement, the test results can be used as the final acceptance or use of pavement skid resistance assessment is based; and provide a basis for road maintenance.


Equipment components
● Connect device and sprinkler;
● trailer test equipment;
● portable computers;
● water film thickness control system;
● infrared temperature measurement system.


2. Equipment features
● Test wheel angle: 15 °;
● surface water film thickness (0.5 ~ 1mm) control;
● Test wheel state and the water film thickness video monitoring;
● software testing and data processing functions:


(1)   Display and record the coordinates of the position and velocity, friction coefficient corresponds to the curve, continuous path diagram depicts the entire test section of the friction coefficient and velocity; Determination road class speed can be selected according to the needs.



(2)The Friction coefficient measurements results correspnd with the Station Road, the average output of (You can choose 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 100 m, 1 km)each friction coefficient,

standard deviation, coefficient of variation, friction coefficient statistical number; 20m and above a representative value can be drawn from the given section of the measured maximum and minimum frictional resistance value, SFC value;
(3) it can set relevant initial parameters, including: weather, temperature, humidity, road grade, road conditions, the test name, test date, time and related notes and the like; the parameters set by the user, and notes will be reflected in the report Classification ; continuous or intermittent measurement determined and measured per kilometer length is determined according to use.
(4) Test software can calculate the friction coefficient values ​​of each interval, the travel distance, speed, output reports in Excel format, print out the friction coefficient of the test report;
(5) Software real-time control and monitoring system status, failure to timely alarm;


(6) it has a compensation test vehicle in motion, the next move and uneven pavement joint compensation mechanism (patent products);
(7) configuration friction wheel rotation mechanism driving and self-locking device, according to test it needs from the two rounds of testing parallel transport condition (0 ° angle), conversion to test the state has a certain angle (15 ° angle), the state after the conversion, automatic locking.



3. Technical Parameters

> Test speed: low speed of 20 km / h, high speed up to 100 km / h;
> Operating temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;
> Relative Humidity: ≤100%;
> Friction test tire (particularly smooth type) tire pressure: 70KPa ± 3.5KPa;
> Measuring wheel for wheel tracks with the road surface friction coefficient measurement; and ensure that the test can be stabilized within a speed range;
> Friction test accuracy: Test length not less than 15m between the two tests, the average friction coefficient ± 0.01;
> With tension sensor 0-1000Kg, accuracy <0.05%;
> Distance measurement accuracy: ± 0.1% plus tire wear (can be based on the distance to the Station, and may be amended);
> The ground when the weight of the test wheel (left and right wheels): 77.56 ± 1kg;
> Trailer connection: spherical hook;
> Has a counterweight rotating the wheel isolation test wheel stabilization mechanism;
> Have damaged the road wheel to quickly stabilize the pressure compensating mechanism;
> Sprinkler system: the ability to adjust the amount of watering according to the test speed, to ensure relatively constant water film thickness testing;
> Water film thickness: test front wheel sprayed water film thickness of 0.5mm or 1mm error ≤15%.
> Flow rate: The actual flow can be controlled using the variable-speed pump to ensure proper water film thickness.
> Sprinkler System Power: powered by the car itself, no external power supply unit;
> Data transmission: wireless transmission;
> Computer Systems: Software support windows2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 operating system;
Machine computer equipment integration and test the next bit, controlled by a laptop PC and operating all the work.
> Monitor image: Dual image monitoring;
> Operating voltage: tractor supply, DC 12V;


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