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X3G 960 portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer mineral analyzer

X3G 960 portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer mineral analyzer

X3G 960 portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer mineral analyzer

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZEALCHON
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 960

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: $20000
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: within 12 days
Payment Terms: t/t
Supply Ability: 100 set pr month
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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Detailed Product Description
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mineral analyzer


portable mineral analyzer


XRF Analyzer


Model :portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Beethor X3G 960

Size and weight Dimensions: 300mm * 235mm * 98mm; weight <1.5KG

Environmental requirements

Humidity: 0 ~ 95%;

Environmental Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; bright silver

The excitation source: 50KV / 200uA 4W high power integrated miniature silver target end window X-ray tube

Ray tube target Ag target

X-ray high-performance silicon drift detector SDD detector

Elements Element measuring range: from aluminum (Al) to uranium (U) between

6 kinds of filter combinations filter automatically switches to meet all types of materials testing

Resolution of less than 140eV

Standardized instrument does not need to standardize the boot can be directly tested, standardization is only option

The instrument has a good balance of balance, can stand in the test bench, one-touch button design, even if the operation is no longer fatigue

More than two-thirds of the body's heat dissipation aluminum shell design, better thermal performance throughout the instrument system is conducive to use in hot tropical regions, for a day of testing, the instrument does not need to rest, to extend the life of the machine, X-ray analyzer more stable, so the failure rate is very low.

Display machine integration design, industrial grade high-resolution TFT color touch display with LED backlight;

Battery Rechargeable lithium battery lasts eight hours; 110V-220V universal adapter. When used in the laboratory, can be used directly AC.

Radiation protection than 2/3 aluminum metal shell, radiation ability is far better than plastic, the handle radiation values far below national standards, close to atmospheric radiation. Auto-sensing, with no automatic shut-ray sample test function.

Data showed ppm and percentage (%) display element content, according to the order of elements of energy, concentration, and other user-defined sort of way, can the average of multiple statistical tests, can be accessed by a desktop computer display; the instrument during the test synchronous dynamic display chemical composition

Data storage ROM128M, RAM128M, 2G SD card, can store 200,000 sets of data and spectra

Data transfer USB cable, Bluetooth wireless data transmission, the document can be TXT, EXCEL format output

Processor CPU 532MHz CPU, ARM1136-MX31 processor, floating point mode

System CPU peripherals using USB bus, I2C, GPIO, Bluetooth, real-time clock chip, micro SD memory card (can store 2GB of data)

The operating system user of windows CE 6.0 system

Mode Stardrad Mining Mode, Alloy Mode, Soil Mode, etc.

Dust, fog, waterproof military waterproof case, superior sealing performance, anti-drop, compression, one machine designed to withstand harsh environments, fog, rain, dust tooling site can work.

Sound waves Beethor X3G 960 technical performance

1. Truly non-destructive, rapid and accurate detection, direct display ppm and percentage content of the element content.

2. Field analysis without sample preparation, can be measured directly at the surface was measured, the sample may be any type of analysis, the sample object is detected may be ore, rock, slag, debris; soil, dirt, mud; dust, dust, filter material, the thin film layer; waste water, waste oil and so solid, liquid substances.

3. The world's fastest speed of analysis, only 5 seconds to complete the entire testing process elements.

4. Users of windows CE 6.0 system drive microcomputer display system enables all functions Jieke site is complete, users of windows CE retain only the most basic performance-related windows Delta system, making the program more flexible.

5. Do not need to create any method, just click the Test button or pull the trigger to analytical testing. For the test results can be optionally specified directly in the field, view, print, and all the test data to the current test time naming facilitate subsequent data processing, analysis

6. The volume is small, portable, easy to field work. Anytime, anywhere on-site analysis and in situ analysis.

7. The higher detection accuracy, the average value of statistics of several tests can effectively improve the detection accuracy of the instrument.

8. Large icon display, menu-driven, microcomputer WINDOWS operating system makes the instrument easier.

9. Electromagnetic interference is shielded, can work even in the near phone or two-way wireless communication device.

10. For the analysis of ore, minerals increased discrimination function directly in the field of elemental analysis also identified what kind of ore minerals belong to the mineral, such as forensic analysis of this mineral as "lead-zinc" "vanadium and titanium magnetic iron ore, "" copper concentrate "" silver, "" pyrite "and so on.

11.Beethor X3G 960 increase for light element detection capabilities, increase and improve the detection capabilities of the elements are "Al" "Si" "P" "S" "Cl", etc.

Beethor X3G 960 for mineral exploration, in situ test analysis, surface analysis of soil components. It has small size, light weight, analysis speed, high precision, ordinary people can be armed with the characteristics of the measurement, it has been widely used in various types of geological ore multi-element detection and analysis, slag refining the analysis. Test samples including from sulfur to all natural uranium ore, slag, rock, dirt, mud, etc., form a solid, liquid, powder and the like.

Beethor X3G 960 land mine detection advantages:

1. Can realize the quick identification of ore types, qualitative and quantitative multi-element analysis and a variety of automated ore mode selection and are free to add an unlimited number of patterns.

2. Built-intensity correction method can be corrected geometric state structures of different density and deviations caused by inhomogeneous samples. .

3. GPS-enabled for geological mineral exploration, survey; situ field testing of ore; you can put data into the GIS system. In the wild you can always search for the satellite signal during the test can always record the latitude and longitude, altitude, and the number of satellite measurements, and save at the same time with the test report.

4. Quick survey a wide range of mining, effective measurement zone mode, to draw maps of mine ore, so that priority mining-rich area.

5. Washing process ore, concentrate and tailings testing.

6. Ore and concentrates procurement ore grade determination.

7. Capable of light elements mode test. Can be measured "Al" "Si" "P" "S" "Cl and other light elements.

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