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C004 Microcomputer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Coarse Grain Soil Dynamic and Static Triaxial Apparatus YXZ-Series

C004 Microcomputer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Coarse Grain Soil Dynamic and Static Triaxial Apparatus YXZ-Series

C004 Microcomputer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Coarse Grain Soil Dynamic and Static Triaxial Apparatus YXZ-Series

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: zealchon
Certification: ISO
Model Number: C004

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: $3000
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 7days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
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Detailed Product Description
. Maximum Load Dynamic: 1000 (kN) Optional 500kN; 200kN Static: 0-2000 (kN) Optional 1000kN; 500kN
Measurement Accuracy Vertical Force Range: 2000kN Vertical Deformation Range: 300mm
Vertical Displacement Range: 300mm

Product Description

C004 Microcomputer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Coarse Grain Soil Dynamic and Static Triaxial Apparatus YXZ-Series (Dynami




C004 Microcomputer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Coarse Grain Soil Dynamic and Static Triaxial Apparatus YXZ-Series (Dynamic)


I. Functional use:

1. It is mainly used to test the dynamic and static properties of various materials, and it can be used for compression, uniaxial compression and triaxial shear tests under sine waves.

2. The host adopts a two-column or four-column reaction force system. The actuator is placed on the top, the equipment structure is reasonable, the rigidity is large, the beam lifting and locking are all operated by buttons, which is flexible and convenient. It adopts advanced electro-hydraulic servo actuator drive closed-loop control technology, high-precision dynamic and static load sensors and high-resolution LVDT displacement sensors to measure the force and displacement of the test piece. The new concept of triaxial pressure chamber design can achieve triaxial compression, creep, dynamic triaxial and penetration test under the determined triaxial stress state. Accurately control triaxial confining pressure, deviating stress, and osmotic head gradient, and accurately measure parameters such as confining pressure, vertical load, vertical deformation of specimen, and pore water pressure.
3. The fully digital measurement and control system realizes closed-loop control of axial force, axial displacement, strain, and confining pressure. The test software works in the English environment of Windows. The powerful data processing function, test conditions and test results are automatically saved, displayed and printed. The test process is all included in computer control. It is an ideal cost-effective test system for scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense industry, colleges, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries.

4. The soil sample should be saturated coarse-grained soil, and the dynamic strength (or anti-liquefaction strength) characteristic test should adopt consolidation and undrained vibration conditions. The dynamic deformation characteristics test should adopt the conditions of consolidation drainage vibration test.

Performance characteristics:

1. Main unit of the instrument: two or four uprights, base and upper beam form a closed frame structure, the rigidity of the frame is large, there is no backlash, and the stability is good. The outer surface of the four pillars is plated with hard chromium. The vertical servo actuator (cylinder) is placed on the top and adopts the double-acting cylinder piston design, which is convenient and flexible for sample installation and adjustment. The confining pressure servo actuator is located underneath, and adopts a bidirectional acting cylinder piston design. The lower part of the piston uses hydraulic oil, and the upper part uses airless water or silicone oil. The upper beam adopts four sets of optical axis clamping system to ensure the stability of the upper beam during the test. The upper beam is lifted by two hydraulic rods for lifting or lowering, and the lifting is stable.
2.Hydraulic servo pump station: adopts silent technology, stable pressure output, small fluctuation, low noise, good cooling effect, high filtering accuracy, automatic protection of pressure overload, oil temperature over temperature and filter blockage.
3. The key components of the control and detection unit: the use of advanced electro-hydraulic servo valves, high-precision displacement sensors, all-digital controllers and high-precision sensors.
4. Control mode: axial force, vertical deformation, triaxial confining pressure, pore water pressure, reverse pressure penetration, and smooth and disturbance-free switching of any control mode. Achieve dynamic and static control of confining pressure, dynamic and static control of vertical load; constant pressure control of infiltration water pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the test piece.
5. Test software: It is suitable for operating under the Windows test platform. In cooperation with the control system, it can control the test system to complete various dynamic and static mechanical performance tests, such as triaxial compression, triaxial shear, triaxial creep, and triaxial materials. Permeability and other mechanical tests. The software is self-contained and communicates with the control system at high speed. While controlling the work of the test system, it also independently completes various test management, data storage, and other functions.
6. Test waveform: sine wave.
7, protection function: equipped with oil circuit blockage, over temperature, low liquid level, hydraulic system overload, motor overheating, preset fatigue times, test piece damage and other alarm functions.

Working conditions:

1. Ambient temperature: 0-40 ° C;
2. Relative humidity: ≤85%;
3. Power supply: three-phase five-wire system, 50HZ, power supply fluctuation ± 10%;
4. Installed on a solid foundation, the level of the test machine: 0.2 ‰; the bearing capacity of the ground foundation: 3 times the weight of the equipment;
5. No vibration, no corrosive medium and no strong magnetic field interference in the laboratory;
6. The test room should be equipped with a certain amount of 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil and circulating, non-precipitation cooling water.

Technical parameters:

1. Maximum load dynamic: 1000 (kN) optional 500kN; 200kN
2. Static: 0-2000 (kN) optional 1000kN; 500kN
3. Measurement accuracy Vertical force range 2000kN, accuracy better than ± 5% (static) better than ± 1.0% (dynamic)
4. Vertical deformation range 300mm, accuracy better than ± 10% (static) better than ± 0.2% (dynamic optional)
5. Vertical displacement range 300mm, accuracy better than ± 0.1%, resolution 0.01mm
6. Confining pressure range 0 ~ 12MPa, accuracy is better than ± 1.0%
7. Pore water pressure range 0 ~ 12MPa, accuracy is better than ± 1.0%
8. Osmotic pressure chamber range 0 ~ 12MPa, accuracy is better than ± 1.0%
9, back pressure range 0 ~ 12MPa, accuracy is better than ± 1.0% optional range
10. Flow range 200L, accuracy is better than ± 1.0%
11. Dynamic test Test frequency (HZ): 0.01-20
12, test waveform: sine wave.
13. Test amplitude: 0.3mm ~ 1.0mm adjustable
14. Mechanical parameters Structural form: Four vertical poles (large load) If two columns are selected as small loads
15. Stroke of actuator piston: ± 200 (mm)
16. Pole spacing: 1000 × 1000 (mm)
17. Maximum vertical space: 1500 (mm)
18. Control methods: vertical load, vertical displacement, closed-loop control of confining pressure, constant pressure control of osmotic pressure, and fixed value control of flow.
19. Oil cylinder rated pressure: 200T (2000kN) 1000kN; 500kN; 300kN; 200kN;
20. Amplitude: 0.5mm
21. Control method: Proportional voltage regulation with safety lock function,
22. Pressure adjustment range: 0.5-21MPa
23. Input control signal: 0.1-0.8A
24. Working voltage: 24V DC
25. Equipped with normally closed electromagnetic relief valve to ensure system safety.
26. Pressure adjustment range: 0.5-21MPa
27. Voltage stabilization function: The system uses an accumulator to stabilize the pressure, and the pressure must not fluctuate.
28.Nitrogen charging pressure of accumulator is 18MPa
29. The test software works under the English environment of WINDOWS, and the test process is fully controlled by the computer.



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